Revolutionizing Seismic Data Acquisition in the Delaware Basin: Unveiling the Secrets of "The Fill"

The energy sector is no stranger to the complexities and geological challenges posed by the Earth's subsurface environm

May 23, 2024 Read More

Delaware Basin Completion Fairfield Geotechnologies is pleased to announce the completion of our Delaware Basin Anisotr

Dec 08, 2021 Read More

The C-Ranch/Mud City Program sets the new standard for high-trace density seismic in the Permian Covering an area of 44

May 28, 2021 Read More

Bayou Boeuf Survey: Orthorhombic PSTM The Fairfield Geo / CGG Bayou Boeuf survey, located in South Central Louisiana, i

Mar 25, 2021 Read More

Houston, TX, September 24, 2020 – Fairfield Geotechnologies announced today a contribution of $29,120 from its corporate

Sep 24, 2020 Read More

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