When it comes to seismic data, clarity is as important as coverage.

From exploration to field development, having the right seismic image is a must for making the right decisions. But real-world economics can often undermine success, as operators opt for inferior survey parameters or processing that fail to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Fairfield Geotechnologies’ multi-client seismic library provides a cost-effective alternative to compromise, with dense, high-fold data packaged in a variety of flexible commercial models. More than ever, we can accommodate challenges, when and where they happen.

With the acquisition of Geokinetics’ U.S. multi-client land library, we have nearly tripled our North American onshore coverage to over 10,000 square miles, encompassing the Permian, Appalachian, Powder River, and other key basins. And we continue to build our premier library of quality 3D seismic data on the Gulf of Mexico shelf, which includes new full-azimuth nodal (FAN) data for better imaging around complex salt structures.

Permian Basin

Our ever-expanding coverage in the Permian currently includes high-quality data for more than 6,000 square miles, extending across Andrews, Culberson, Reeves, and Loving counties, Texas, as well as Eddy and Lea counties, New Mexico.

Better seismic means reduced exploration risk. Accordingly, we have improved our parameters in Andrews County, Texas with our new high-trace density acquisition: the C-Ranch / Mud City survey with 10.4 times the trace density of previous surveys, which benefits new signal enhancement, noise removal, imaging, and reservoir characterization technologies.

Preview our current coverage of the Permian Basin here.

TX-LA-MS Salt Basin

Spanning 578 square miles, Fairfield Geotechnologies’ Bayou Beouf seismic survey is one of the largest in Louisiana—and the first 3D survey in this area. While focusing on the Austin Chalk play, it also provides new detail for the Tuscaloosa, James Lime, Paluxy, Frio, Wilcox, Sparta and Cotton Valley.

Preview our current coverage of the TX-LA-MS Salt Basin here.

DJ Basin

Preview our current coverage of the DJ Basin here.

Powder River Basin

Preview our current coverage of the Powder River Basin here. Now including a PSTM merge over the entire area.

Cherokee Platform Basin

Preview our current coverage of the Cherokee Platform Basin here.

Appalachian Basin

Situated over the Utica and Marcellus Shales, Fairfield Geotechnologies’ Waynesburg acquisition includes high-quality 3D seismic in a particularly challenging area.

Preview our current coverage of the Appalachian Basin here.

San Joaquin Basin

Preview our current coverage of the San Joaquin Basin here.

Ardmore Basin

Preview our current coverage of the Ardmore Basin here.

Gulf of Mexico

To maximize production opportunities over the life of your field, we have applied the latest processing techniques. In the Gulf, we have nearly 2,000 blocks of high-quality multi-client 3D data. This data, much of which has been reprocessed using anisotropic pre-stack depth migration, is crucial to making this densely obstructed shelf one of the most productive basins worldwide.

Preview our current coverage of the Gulf of Mexico Basin here.

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