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Industry Consolidation, Acquisitions, and Expanded Offerings — 2023 Was Pivotal for Fairfield

As 2023 draws to a close, I want to thank the Fairfield Geotechnologies team, our customers, and our friends again for a

Dec 28, 2023 Read More
Basin-Scale Analytics: Fairfield Geotechnologies’ GulfSPAN Data for Energy Exploration in the Gulf of Mexico

Fairfield Geotechnologies’ Gulf of Mexico Shelf assets include over 2,700 contiguous offshore blocks of data off the coa

Dec 11, 2023 Read More
Revolutionizing Advancements in 3D Seismic Collection, Fairfield Geotechnologies Announces Cedar Canyon 3D Survey

Fairfield Geotechnologies unveils its Delaware Basin flagship high-trace-density 3D, offering new subsurface insights to

Sep 27, 2023 Read More
Leveraging High Trace Density 3D3C Seismic Survey for Superior Geological Insight

Historically, seismic surveys focused predominantly on acquiring P-wave (PP) data, which primarily captured limited offs

Aug 28, 2023 Read More
Integrating 3D Seismic and Salt-Water Disposal Data into the Interpretation of Mentone and Coalson Hypocenters in the Northern Culberson – Reeves Seismic Response Area, Delaware Basin, Texas

The intensity and frequency of high-Richter magnitude Permian Basin earthquakes have dramatically increased in recent ye

Aug 28, 2023 Read More
A New Approach to Predicting Facies Controls on Well Performance

To assess the remaining drilling locations in the Bone Spring Formation of the Delaware Basin, Fairfield Geotechnologies

Jun 13, 2023 Read More
Integrated Workflows for Drilling Optimization and Enhanced Production

The drilling industry faces significant challenges in accurately estimating pore pressure and stress to ensure safe and

Jun 13, 2023 Read More

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