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Privately held Fairfield Geotechnologies is a leading provider of high-resolution multi-client seismic data and services in the United States. Combining market-leading subsurface reflectivity and signal imaging techniques with strategic partnerships, Fairfield Geotechnologies delivers a superior solution for developmental exploitation.

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Fairfield Geotechnologies has subsurface 3D survey where you need it. Covering all major onshore U.S. basins and the Gulf of Mexico, let Fairfield Geotechnologies help you visualize fine-scale geology and robust geophysical attributes at regional and prospect level scales. Contact one of our Sales Representative today to schedule a QC.


Leadership has served as an indispensable factor in shaping Fairfield Geotechnologies. We strive to be honest, authentic, professional, and socially responsible. We seek to provide direction and motivation while working to build trust. We value personal responsibility, accountability and encourage creativity and work hard to model the example. We work to promote the welfare of the individual and encourage education, self-improvement and seek to acknowledge contribution.

We believe that “Leadership” demands that our employees understand our core nature and beliefs, our core business objectives, and our core respect for the well-being of the employee. These understandings drive the Company to a more consistent purpose and path forward.


Multi-client seismic data is a powerful tool advancing energy industries' net-zero ambitions. By gathering high-quality seismic data at regional scales available for long-term license, we prevent unnecessary duplication of effort and provide E&P operations with superior subsurface imaging at early-stage development.

With fewer trucks in the field, lessened operational hours, and fewer disruptions to environmental sensitivities – Fairfield Geotechnologies works side by side with suppliers and vendors who have developed strong, transparent ESG policies to design solutions and strategies our workforce can use to create positive sustainable circumstances for net-zero, real-zero initiatives, and reduced emissions.

This model allows access to all operators large and small to state-of-the-art 3D seismic data and services, assuring efficiencies in the development of assets through the entire lifecycle.


Energy investment communities, producers, and the public alike require a vital service sector cognizant of our social license to operate. As E&Ps and midstream
organizations face mounting pressure to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining production and favorable stakeholder relationships – Fairfield Geotechnologies works towards the mitigation of risk in the community, and with people in mind. People are central to our success.

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