You know us. We know seismic.

Confidence starts with the right partnerships

Your goal is to reduce seismic risk. Fairfield Geo partners with just the right providers to ensure you get precisely the solution your project needs.

Flexible solutions and business models

As a privately-held company, Fairfield Geo can focus squarely and promptly on your needs—as opposed to shareholders, markets or conventional wisdom.

Letting technology lead the way

When it comes to seismic, we have always been a pioneer, passionately embracing the science to provide our clients with real-world solutions.

We still know nodal like nobody’s business

Fairfield Geotechnologies was once FairfieldNodal. That expertise in nodal processing techniques means a competitive edge from a respected name.

Solutions for every conceivable seismic challenge

Multi-Client Acquisition

We can assemble cost-effective multi-client acquisition solutions to deliver the quality data you need.

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Products and Services

From high-performance computing to advanced imaging algorithms, we have the tools and techniques.

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Multi-Client Library

Our premier library of quality 3D seismic includes over 10,000 sq. mi. of North American coverage.

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With the right data, everything’s clear.

The only thing you need to improve reservoir economics is unobstructed insight. Let us accommodate.

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If we don’t have the right team, we’ll create one

Every project has a unique set of variables. Sometimes—due to economic reasons or otherwise—project criteria will demand a unique approach. Because compromising on the quality of data is never the right play, Fairfield Geotechnologies will partner with the appropriate providers to get you the optimal seismic data to meet your specific needs or budget.

We have a long history of partnerships and multi-client commercial models, each built around specific business or operational objectives. Our flexibility allows us to deliver high-quality, economically optimized solutions for reservoir development and management.

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Driven to deliver and distraction-free

Fairfield Geotechnologies is completely dedicated to meeting your expectations—making good on every promise we make. Because we are a privately held company, we are free to invest in the relationships and technologies necessary to achieve your goals. We can make decisions faster, without letting fear of markets dictate our actions or cloud our confidence.

It’s all about you. As it should be.

Discover how our flexibility has made a difference for our clients

To this day, naturally and notably nodal

Much like our business culture, nodal technology is flexible. Seismic nodes are easily deployed and positioned to gather more data under uniquely challenging conditions—in smaller areas, over complex geologies or around crowded infrastructure. Nodes can be used for acquisition surveys or long-term reservoir management, providing rich, high-fold 3D and 4D data for unparalleled decision-making power.

Fairfield Geotechnologies knows nodes. Because we were once FairfieldNodal, we helped pioneer the technology. Our extensive history has positioned us as a leader in the processing and delivery of nodal seismic data under the industry’s most ideal conditions. Yours.

See where we’ve been and what we’ve revealed

Let’s get to the bottom of your basin

With specialized seismic solutions, Fairfield Geotechnologies can reveal the secrets to your reservoirs’ success.

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