Now Available: Bayou Boeuf Survey -Orthorhombic PSTM

Bayou Boeuf Survey: Orthorhombic PSTM

The Fairfield Geo / CGG Bayou Boeuf survey, located in South Central Louisiana, is complete and the final enhanced Orthorhombic OVT PSTM is now available. The dataset reveals intriguing deep structures associated with the Austin Chalk and Cretaceous formations while providing insight into the Wilcox interval and regional fault regime within the Louisiana extension of the play, particularly in the Bayou Boeuf Louisiana area. Wide azimuth acquisition along with extra far offsets (in excess of 40,000 ft) allowed for excellent illumination of both shallow and deep structures for exploration and production planning. The dataset was processed with an AVO-friendly workflow, producing seismic volumes that are ready for reservoir analysis.

Mar 25, 2021

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Elaine Mattos

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