Now Available: C-Ranch / Mud City High-Trace Density Survey - Fast Track

The C-Ranch/Mud City Program sets the new standard for high-trace density seismic in the Permian

Covering an area of 449 square miles from the Central Basin Platform to the Midland Basin, the C-Ranch/Mud City program sets the new standards for high trace density seismic acquisition in the Permian Basin. The survey acquired in 2019-20 is currently under processing, with final imaging expected by October 2021. Preliminary results show impressive resolution, particularly in the near offsets, enabling better characterization of near-surface and consequently improving the imaging of targeted reservoir.

Ron Bianco,Senior Staff Geophysicist at Fasken Oil and Ranch said:

“Whether you are chasing Grayburg channels or Wolfcamp unconventionals, the increased trace density of this survey is providing new insights to both older and newly discovered fields.”

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Structure Map of Top of Grayburg Formation.

May 28, 2021

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Elaine Mattos

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