Bruce Karr

Principal Technical Advisor

Bruce Karr has served Fairfield-Maxwell Seismic Technology companies for three decades in several roles as a Geophysicist. Karr’s data expertise includes 3D and 4D multi-component formats with a focus on advanced processing and imaging strategies that compliment field acquisition technologies.

Bruce graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 1988 and began his career with field work in Saudi Arabia. Bruce was later transferred to Midland, where he began processing seismic data in the Permian Basin. By the early 1990s, Bruce began mastering 3D projects in U.S. unconventionals and brings a wealth of experience to the company.

Karr mentors’ students and collaborates with professors in the Colorado School of Mines Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP) in Golden, Colorado; the Bureau of Economic Geology Consortium (EGL), in Austin, Texas; and the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS), in Lawrence, Kansas and has produced numerous papers concentrating in our areas of expertise on resolving modern higher-order geotechnical challenges.

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