With deep and detailed seismic 3D, Fairfield Geotechnologies can help you with identification, appraisal, and development of carbon capture and sequestration and saltwater disposal sites. Best of all, there’s no need for an expensive proprietary seismic survey. We have the multi-client data, ready to go.

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Avoiding environmental missteps offshore

When it comes to CO2 injection and storage, what you don’t know can cost you, environmentally and financially. As North American regulations will be coming fast, Fairfield Geotechnologies is ahead of the game, applying insights from places like the North Sea.

Our extensive 3D multi-client coverage of the shelf Gulf of Mexico, provides the data you need for subsurface characterization of your CCS project. We can help you make the right decisions, based on accurately understanding the migration paths of the gas you store, avoiding costly environmental risks.

With deep regulatory experience and detailed multi-client coverage, we can help you determine:

· Site suitability

· Storage capacity

· Injection strategies for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

· Potential gas migration paths

Saltwater Disposal

Ensuring protection during injection

In highly active basins like the Permian, midstream companies are increasingly turning to injection solutions for saltwater disposal. With the volume of production water five times that of the produced oil, operators are facing logistically and environmentally challenging risks.

With the largest subsurface coverage of the Permian Basin, Fairfield Geotechnologies can help you avoid aquifer contamination and induced seismicity associated with saltwater disposal. Our high-resolution multi-client 3D data enables the accurate mapping of faults and potential injection zones, helping you minimize the risks during well design and placement. Additionally, you’ll avoid being flagged for seismic review, maintaining compliance with applicable state regulations and expediting permitting.

Historical Seismicity in Texas

The image below illustrates the exponential increase in the number of 3.0+ magnitude earthquakes over time, particularly in the Permian Basin. Courtesy of BEG TexNet

Earthquake Trends in Key Texas Area
Earthquake Trends in Key Texas Area, extracted from BEG TexNet