Revolutionizing Advancements in 3D Seismic Collection, Fairfield Geotechnologies Announces Cedar Canyon 3D Survey

Revolutionizing Advancements in 3D Seismic Collection, Fairfield Geotechnologies Announces Cedar Canyon 3D Survey

Fairfield Geotechnologies unveils its Delaware Basin flagship high-trace-density 3D, offering new subsurface insights to more than 330 square miles along the Texas-New Mexico border.

[HOUSTON, Sept. 25, 2023] — Fairfield Geotechnologies, a leader in high-resolution multi-client seismic solutions, today announces groundbreaking achievements in 3D seismic data acquisition and geophysical development.

The planning and placement of the Cedar Canyon 3D takes advantage of cutting-edge technological advancements in high-trace-density acquisition of higher-order noise removal, advanced imaging methodologies, and reservoir characterization workflows designed to resolve multiple targets within highly productive zones, including the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring formations.

Fairfield Geotechnologies’ 3D seismic data acquisition of over 330 square miles will commence during the fourth quarter of 2023. It is supported by industry funding and advances Fairfield Geotechnologies’ leading position in a key area of the Permian Basin.

Bruce Karr, Principal Technical Advisor at Fairfield Geotechnologies, notes, “Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the geotechnological landscape drives us to redefine industry norms and unlock a new realm of possibilities.”

Fairfield Geotechnologies President and CEO Joe Dryer says: “We are excited to announce further development of our already leading position in the Delaware Basin. The Cedar Canyon 3D seismic survey stands as a testament to Fairfield Geotechnologies’ unwavering dedication to innovation and advancement and demonstrates our continued commitment to the industry in providing high-end multi-client data.”

Committed to delivering seismic clarity with unprecedented confidence, Fairfield Geotechnologies has one of the largest contiguous multi-client data libraries on the U.S. Gulf of Mexico continental shelf and the most extensive, advanced seismic coverage in the top oil- and gas-producing basins in North America: the Permian, the Appalachian, and the Niobrara Denver-Julesburg Basins.

Visit the Fairfield Geotechnologies multi-client library to explore its expanding presence in all major domestic basins.

About Fairfield Geotechnologies:

Fairfield Geotechnologies is a leading provider of high-resolution multi-client seismic data and services in the United States. By combining market-leading subsurface reflectivity and signal imaging techniques with strategic partnerships, Fairfield Geotechnologies delivers a superior solution for developmental exploitation.


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Sep 27, 2023

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