Joe Dryer - End of Year Statement

Here's to a strong 2022 and all that's on the horizon for 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, I want to thank the Fairfield Geotechnologies team, our customers, cohort, and friends again for another successful year. We continue to grow our leading position in the Permian with new and exciting programs like our HTD Upton project and look for strategic acquisitions resembling the ION Geophysical North American dataset which added 1,451 square miles of 3D to our portfolio and expanded our offering in the GOM with 19,902 linear miles of 2D Gulf SPAN program.

To our amazing employees, thank you for being a part of this productive and meaningful year in the organization. We may have encountered many challenges in the past months, but our incredible teamwork conquered them time and time again. The effort you’ve put into the business has been priceless.

Have a happy and wonderful holiday!


Joe Dryer

Dec 26, 2022

Industry Article


Joe Dryer

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