Joe Dryer Appointed to President and Chief Executive Officer​

Joe Dryer Appointed to President and Chief Executive Officer

Fairfield Geotechnologies, a leading provider of multi-client seismic in the United States announced today that Fairfield's Board of Directors has appointed Joe Dryer as President and Chief Executive Officer. Chris Sugahara will remain on the Board and continue to serve as Executive Chairman.

"Joe Dryer is a recognized leader in our industry who has built a reputation of integrity over many years at Fairfield. He has earned the trust and respect of the board, his colleagues, our customers, our employees and other industry leaders and I'm confident he is the right person to move the company forward," said Chris Sugahara.

"I want to thank the Board for their confidence in my leadership and Chris for his continued support. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to lead such a capable and committed team and very excited about the direction of the Company," said Joe Dryer.

Mar 10, 2022

Press Release


Elaine Mattos

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