Fairfield Geotechnologies and DUG announce the signing of a comprehensive strategic agreement

Houston, USA - June 17, 2020 - Fairfield Geotechnologies and DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) are pleased to announce the signing of a comprehensive strategic agreement that includes the reprocessing and imaging of over 5,000 square miles of multi-client seismic data. In addition, Fairfield Geotechnologies will use the DUG McCloud platform to archive their extensive library of seismic data and to closely collaborate with DUG during processing and imaging projects.

Joe Dryer, President of Fairfield Geotechnologies commented, “Fairfield Geotechnologies conducted a thorough evaluation of the DUG McCloud technology platform. Based on our analysis, we have selected DUG as our main technology provider moving forward. DUG’s impressive R&D team is working on new technologies that we feel will provide substantial upside value to Fairfield and our customers. This agreement is another step towards our continued commitment to the industry in providing high-end multi-client programs for the development of unconventional resources.”

DUG Managing Director Matt Lamont stated, “We are very excited to strengthen our relationship with Fairfield Geotechnologies. Fairfield is a major provider of multi-client seismic data, especially in the Permian Basin, and through this agreement, we have a unique opportunity to demonstrate how DUG McCloud’s customer-focused, innovative solutions and massive compute power can be leveraged to run even the biggest seismic projects, cost-effectively and with rapid turnaround.”

About Fairfield Geotechnologies

Privately held Fairfield Geotechnologies, is a leading provider of multi-client data services in the United States. The company has the most extensive and highest quality seismic coverage in the Permian and continues expanding to other US unconventional basins. Fairfield also has the largest contiguous multi-client data library on the US Gulf of Mexico shelf.

Connect with Fairfield Geotechnologies on Twitter @fairfieldgeotec or visit www.fairfieldgeo.com

About DUG

DUG is a technology company at the forefront of high-performance computing with a strong foundation in applied physics. DUG’s innovative hardware and software solutions for the global technology and resource sectors enable clients to leverage large and complex datasets. The company provides cloud-based software and hardware solutions, multi-tiered support for technology onboarding and code optimisation, and integrated geoscience services. DUG has offices in Perth, London, Houston, and Kuala Lumpur. The company designs, owns, and operates some of the largest and greenest supercomputers on Earth.

Connect with DUG on Twitter @Team_DUG or visit www.dug.com

About DUG McCloud

DUG McCloud is an innovative platform that allows clients to mix and match DUG's high-performance computing as a service (HPCaaS), seismic processing and imaging (P&I) services, and the DUG Insight geoscience software, to suit their needs. This includes disk storage and a unique, cost-effective online archive facility that allows web-based data visualization. An application programming interface (API) is available for clients to incorporate their software into the P&I system. The HPC is provided by some of the largest and greenest supercomputers in the world with major centres in Houston, Perth, and Kuala Lumpur.

Jun 17, 2020

Press Release

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