Fairfield Industries was founded.


Fairfield Industries began its first 2D transition zone seismic program in Louisiana.


Fairfield Industries introduces their first, non-exclusive 3D seismic survey in the US GOM. This marks the beginning of a 20 years seismic acquisition campaign which resulted in a total coverage of 22,375 square miles of contiguous multi-client data in the shelf Gulf of Mexico.


Fairfield Industries launches the ZNodal system, the first cable-free nodal seismic system for both land and water environments.


Fairfield Industries was renamed FairfieldNodal, to reflects the company’s expertise in nodal technology. Fairfield Nodal pioneered the use of ocean bottom nodes (OBN) worldwide.


FairfieldNodal expands its multi-client presence to the prolific Permian Basin with the acquisition of the first nodal mutli-client program in the Delaware Basin. An acquisition campaign that continued uninterruptedly to 2020 – adding over 6,000 square miles of high-end seismic coverage in the region.


FairfieldNodal commences the first multi-client OBN survey on the shelf GOM. The Ogo FAN acquisition, a 136-block full-azimuth nodal survey in the Eugene Island protraction area, GOM.


  • FairfieldNodal acquires Geokinetics U.S. multi-client data library expanding its onshore multi-client library to over 10,000 sq mi in key U.S. basins, including Appalachian and Powder River basins.
  • FairfieldNodal changes name to Fairfield Geotechnologies to reflect Fairfield’s strategy and continuing evolution as a provider of life-of-field technologies, data and solutions.
  • Fairfield Geotechnologies divests of its Acquisition and Equipment divisions to Magseis Fairfield to focus its operations on the multi-client data licensing business.


    Fairfield Geotechnologies launches the next generation of high-resolution onshore multi-client seismic in the U.S. – The C-Ranch/Mud City multi-client survey in the Permian Basin.