A smarter, forward-thinking workflow.

Every basin is different and every reservoir is unique. Even a reservoir management strategy may have specific goals in mind. Which is why a customized approach to processing is imperative to optimizing production.

Fairfield Geotechnologies offers that customized approach, factoring in variables—details on specific rock properties or near-surface complexities, for example—that may not be otherwise accounted for in a generic, off-the-shelf processing workflow. We make sure you get the information you need. All of it.

QI Compliance—so you don’t miss the data you need.

Quantitative Interpretation (QI)—ensuring that your raw, unstacked data is processed accordingly—helps you reduce risk throughout the productive life of your reservoir. QI includes steps like verifying amplitude relationships and making sure applied processes are surface consistent. Ultimately, if your data isn’t treated properly, it’s lost.

At Fairfield Geotechnologies, we take the necessary steps to maintain QI-compliance, providing you with the information that conforms to your operational needs and business goals.

Smooth the wrinkles from your operational workflows.

Every project has a unique set of geophysical and operational variables. Fairfield Geotechnologies considers them all for maximum efficiency.

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