A part of our corporate history

At Fairfield Geotechnologies, our experience with land and marine seismic nodes stretches back more than 15 years. From planning to acquisition, processing to licensing, we have successfully applied this technology to help customers worldwide make smarter, safer and more profitable decisions, dramatically extending the productive life of their reservoirs.

Because nodal technology is so much a part of our DNA, we are uniquely positioned to get the most out of it on your behalf.

Scalable, flexible, unbeatable

Nodes deliver a superior image while simultaneously simplifying the logistics of deployment and processing, particularly in the case of ocean-bottom surveys where costs can quickly escalate.

Because of its inherent flexibility, this technology can be easily scaled to sparse-node or exploration-style OBN applications, in which node spacing can be increased and still acquire quality data. We have extensive expertise in optimizing deployment acquisition operations—knowing precisely what to look for in order to protect your bottom line.

Nodes: revealing the future in clarity

Designed specifically, but not exclusively, for operationally and environmentally challenging marine environments, nodal technology delivers the full-azimuth, long-offset seismic data companies need to make better decisions at a significantly lower cost of ownership.

Nodes are easily and safely deployed in areas where crowded infrastructure can pose a problem for traditional acquisition methods. As a pioneer in the development of this technology, we have front-row expertise in managing the nodal acquisition process. We have used this technology to build and license a vast, multi-client library of data in basins around the country, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Permian Basin.

Ocean Bottom Node 3D and 4D acquisition provides:

  • Longer offsets
  • High fold and all-azimuth data
  • Continuous recording — produce time records of any record length
  • Survey design flexibility — minimal gaps in coverage area
  • High efficiency deep and shallow water deployment methods
  • Superior coupling and vector fidelity
  • Excellent repeatability

Unequaled nodal know-how.

With decades of experience in designing ocean bottom nodal surveys, Fairfield Geotechnologies has confidence locked down.

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