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With nodal technology, exploration and production companies have been able to obtain the high-quality 3D seismic data they need—without the costs and risks associated with traditional acquisition methods. Now, Fairfield Geotechnologies makes it even easier, with multi-client acquisition solutions designed to accommodate operational and economic challenges.

Our decades of collaborative experience encompass everything from survey design to permitting, acquisition to processing. We know how every survey component fits together in every conceivable circumstance. Simply put, we know the shortest distance to your objective and can get you there more cost-effectively than any other company.

As a small, privately held company, we offer flexible commercial models. To accommodate your bottom line, we can adapt or add to an existing acquisition survey.

Nodal Design/Surveys

Nodes have revolutionized exploration, production and reservoir management. We’re a part of that history.

Let us plan and manage your next seismic survey

Programs Underway

We’re acquiring high-quality seismic data all across America—more than likely in a basin. Important to you.

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