Applying advanced expertise—and some serious algorithms

Fairfield Geotechnologies' depth-imaging capability is built around a proprietary and fully integrated set of tools, workflows, and algorithms. Your data is in the expert hands of our model-building teams and geophysicists who understand your imaging objectives. Our earth model building incorporates:

  • A patented process for producing 3D angle gathers from sparse-node geometries
  • Global tomography
    • Full azimuth (mirror or primary)
    • Accepts OVT, common offset and angle domain common image gathers (ADCIGs)
  • Anisotropic corrections

From high-performance computing to highly optimized imaging algorithms, our processing and research teams apply the best technical solution to complex imaging and reservoir management problems.

Time and Depth-Migration Algorithms

  • Kirchhoff PSTM – isotropic and anisotropic
  • Kirchhoff PSDM – isotropic and anisotropic
    • Common offset
    • Offset vector tile (OVT)
  • Wave Equation (WEM) – isotropic and anisotropic
    • Output angle domain common image gathers (ADCIG)
  • Reverse time migration (RTM) – isotropic and anisotropic
    • Model updates with ADCIGs
  • Full Waveform Inversion
  • Least Squares Migration
Get the most out of your nodal data

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