Jump into the Gulf of Mexico

Jump into the Gulf of Mexico

In crisp interactive detail, see the latest high-quality, multi-client Gulf of Mexico data—featuring tools to filter all the relevant criteria.

If you’re operating in the Gulf of Mexico, having the right image is crucial to finding new reserves or realizing the full productive potential over the life of your field. Our commitment in the GOM has never been stronger. We’re getting the most out of our legacy data—applying the latest processing techniques and expanding our library with the latest acquisition technology.

Fairfield Geotechnologies has a long history of providing the highest quality multi-client data on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf. Our extensive multi-client library features 2,800 blocks of high-quality 3D seismic data, much of which has been reprocessed using anisotropic pre-stack depth migration. This data has been instrumental in making the densely obstructed GOM Shelf one of the most productive basins in the world.

Expanding opportunities through creative partnerships.

Combining proprietary seismic acquisition systems with flexible, speculative multi-client commercial models, Fairfield Geotechnologies empowers operators with the best nodal seismic data and image quality—affordably. Our library includes data acquired through our proprietary Z700® and Z3000® systems, instrumental in creating these superior images and which have provided valuable insight around complex salt structures. Talk to us about how our commercial models can help reduce risk for your development in any water depth.

The Julia Project. From acquisition to processing to licensing—a comprehensive case study. Read more about the Julia Project
Don't let salt spoil the picture. Ask about licensing our new full-aziumuth nodal (FAN) data for the Gulf of Mexico. Ask about our FAN data