An extensive—and growing—multi-client library.

For operators, coverage is as important as clarity. We provide both. Fairfield Geotechnologies continues to build its premier library of quality 3D seismic data on the Gulf of Mexico shelf, which includes new full-azimuth nodal (FAN) data for better imaging around complex salt structures. Future plans include multi-client surveys in the North Sea.

With the acquisition of Geokinetics’ U.S. multi-client land library, we have also nearly tripled our onshore North American coverage to over 10,000 square miles, including acreage in the Permian, Appalachian, Powder River and other key basins. Map updates will soon be added to the website, but you can get a preview of our updated coverage here.

The right image meets the right budget.

To ensure the success of any oil and gas project, whether it’s exploration or field development, a high quality seismic image is an absolute necessity. Advanced processing technologies require dense, high-fold data to produce the kind of image crucial for making the right decisions, particularly for reservoir management.

However, efforts are often undermined by economics. Limited by lean budgets, operators sabotage their own success with inferior surveys or data that lacks the quality to take advantage of these processing technologies. Fortunately, Fairfield Geotechnologies offers a cost-effective alternative without the compromise.

Innovative commercial models for a competitive edge.

By redistributing risks and costs among multiple players, Fairfield Geotechnologies' multi-client commercial models give operators the highest quality nodal seismic images at the lowest cost. We have had a long and successful history with this approach. With every survey, we add valuable data to our growing library, which can be licensed to future partners. This speculative model has rewritten the rules of the game, empowering operators with the insight required to make better decisions.

Acquisition of Geokinetics U.S. multi-client data library. We have nearly tripled our U.S. land multi-client data library, adding 6,928 square miles of data. Read more
What you need, where you need it. Map updates are coming soon to our website, but you can get a preview here. See our updated data coverage map