Solid ground in a world of tectonic market shifts

From exploration to reservoir management, data has become the universal currency for oil and gas companies. Confidence in that data is paramount. But in today’s competitive, multi-client environment, not always justified.

With decades of seismic experience, Fairfield Geotechnologies delivers that confidence as few companies can. Privately held, we have the freedom to assemble unique partnerships, joint ventures or other business models to perfectly complement our clients’ needs while minimizing reservoir risk.

From multi-client acquisition to processing, you can rest assured that your project is executed correctly, and that you get the data you need.

Nodal specialists, to the core

There’s substance behind that flexibility. Formerly FairfieldNodal, we have a uniquely deep understanding of nodal acquisition and processing—the technology of getting more and better data, under challenging conditions and with fewer resources.

Thinking and acting swiftly is part of our DNA. Our institutional knowledge of nodal processing techniques gives you an advantage—data you can use to eliminate uncertainty.

Amassing reservoir intelligence

For more than 30 years, we have been building a formidable multi-client database that includes the Gulf of Mexico and major North American basins. To help our clients meet their economic and operational challenges, we continue to grow that body of knowledge with advanced processing tools and technologies.

We’re in the business of solving problems. And we’ve never been better positioned to do so.