FairfieldNodal and Schlumberger Multiclient Project Update

FairfieldNodal and Schlumberger Announce Phase II of 3D Survey in the Southern Delaware Basin

Phase II of Coyanosa Survey in progress in Ward, Reeves and Pecos Counties, Texas

The FairfieldNodal and Schlumberger WesternGeco multiclient joint venture project in southern Delaware Basin of West Texas, known as Coyanosa Phase II, is underway and expected to be completed late March 2018.

Phase II consists of 374 square miles of high-quality, 3D seismic data in Ward, Reeves and Pecos Counties, Texas, including the Bone Spring and Wolfcamp formations. Acquisition services are being provided by Dawson Geophysical.

The resulting 3D data will be jointly licensed and will tie into existing FairfieldNodal and WesternGeco 3D data to provide customers with contiguous data coverage in the southern Delaware Basin. Phase II processed data is expected to be available Q3 2018.

Interested customers should contact their FairfieldNodal or WesternGeco sales representatives for more information.