Fairfield Geotechnologies Awarded Z700® Project in the Middle East

Fairfield Geotechnololgies will begin an extensive Z700 acquisition project in the Gulf, beginning December 2018. The nearly eight-month project in the Middle East is a significant 4D opportunity for Fairfield Geotechnologies.

Fairfield Geotechnologies’ Z700 data acquisition system is designed to meet the challenging HSE and acquisition requirements of this project. Z700’s simplified deployment and retrieval process are ideally suited to safely navigating through the dense infrastructure of a major gas field.

“The Gulf represents tremendous opportunity for OBN acquisition,” says Charles (Chuck) Davison, President and CEO, Fairfield Geotechnologies. “This project has it all: a complex and ecologically sensitive sea floor, crowded infrastructure and demanding geophysical objectives. We have the technology, the operational experience and the node inventory to make this project a success.”