We hold ourselves to the highest QHSE standards. And our customers know it.

As a responsible operator, you embrace policies that limit your operational and financial exposure to risk. Likewise, you must be confident that the companies you work with will do the same. At Fairfield Geotechnologies, our QHSE performance is exemplary—we have one of the safest and most reliable systems on the planet.

Risk reduction is built-in. Operation of our equipment requires minimal manual interaction. Back-deck handling systems reduce the likelihood of injury and all troubleshooting can be performed at the DCCS. Since our equipment contains no liquids, accidental releases are impossible, and all components can be disposed of in a standard landfill.

Nothing comes before the health, safety and protection of our employees, our clients’ employees, the environment, and the communities in which we operate. We are unconditionally committed to providing safe, clean working conditions and require all employees to follow strict safety practices.

We promote the safe design and handling of all Fairfield Geotechnologies products, continually upscaling competencies and certifications within our data acquisition group—proactively applying those principles when our employees interact with your equipment and infrastructure.

Our safety culture applies globally and is maintained through our Health Safety and Environmental Management System.

Fairfield® quality never stops.

Both our Data Acquisition Division and Systems Division are ISO 9001:2015 certified and Fairfield strives to continually improve our services to provide you with superior imaging.

ABS audit: Zero Findings.

During this year’s ABSQE ISO Surveillance Audit of our Systems Division, the audit team reported zero findings or observations, passing along numerous compliments on the evolution of our systems and process disciplines. That’s a rare commendation—congratulations to everyone who made this distinction possible.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) - Lithium Ion Battery Pack contained in Nodes


ZLand® 1C GEN2

ZLand® 3C GEN2


Z700® & Z3000™


UN 38.3 Lithium Ion Battery Pack Testing Results



ZLand® 1C GEN2 (Test(s) of uncased single battery pack and battery pack contained in the Node case)

ZLand® 3C GEN2 (Test of battery pack contained in the ZNode case)

ZLand® 3C GEN2 Battery Pack (Test of uncased single battery pack)

ZMarine® Battery (Z700®, Z3000™)


Performance Orientated Packaging (POP) Testing

Z100® Current

Z700® Current | 20112009

Z3000™ Current |2012 | 2010

ZLand® 1C GEN2 | 3C GEN2 | EXT | AUX

ZXPLR™ Current

With nodes, QHSE is built-in.

From their safe and efficient deployment to their minimal environmental impact, nodal systems are inherently designed with QHSE in mind.

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