2018 EAGE Marine Acquisition Workshop - Oslo, Norway

Fairfield Geotechnologies to present technical paper at the EAGE Marine Acquisition Workshop

Advances in OBN Technology: New Designs for Reservoir Monitoring and Large Scale Surveys

Safety, efficiency and data quality drive advancements in ocean bottom node (OBN) technology. Fairfield Geotechnologies recently introduced ZXPLR, a hybrid nodal system capable of dual mode deployment with a passive rope or by remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The new system improves operational efficiency and flexibility while maintaining accessibility and repeatability in shallow or deep water.

A second new technology and a method of using nodes for deepwater reservoir monitoring is ZLoF. This semi-permanent node employs a high-speed underwater optical communications system to extract data from nodes with an extended deployment life.

Beyond safety and efficiency, new OBN systems provide cost effective flexibility and scalability for life of field seismic from exploration through reservoir monitoring.

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