High-quality 4D data with enhanced repeatability.

High-quality 4D data with enhanced repeatability.

An essential tool for deepwater reservoir monitoring, 4D seismic requires two things—dense, high-quality data and repeatability. The Fairfield Geotechnologies ZLoF® System, short for Life of Field, provides both at a lower cost than conventional methods, such as cabled Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) systems.

Delivering full-azimuth 3D and 4D seismic on demand, ZLoF is capable of a five-year deployment life and 500-day cumulative recording period, allowing for multiple monitoring surveys before node recovery. Because repeatability is comparable to PRM installations, nodes are viable candidates for autonomous reservoir monitoring.

Logistical freedom.

Based on proven OBN technology, ZLoF nodes combine low maintenance and high reliability, with a minimal footprint around complex infrastructure. No cables or trenching required. No pipeline crossings. No ties to production facilities. These advantages all add up to lower maintenance costs and greater safety.


  • Little technical installation risk — no cables, pipeline crossing or trenching
  • Low operational footprint — no ties to production facilities
  • Excellent repeatability for detecting subtle 4D changes
  • High reliability at lower cost — nodes can be replaced if necessary
  • High vector fidelity, good coupling, and high signal-to-noise ratio for superior imaging
  • Flexibility — nodes can be moved, replaced, or added to as development plans change
  • Monitor survey costs are low, single-vessel operation
4D seismic on demand.
Extend the productive life of your field with repeatable, high quality 4D seismic data.
Reliable, repeatable, revealing.

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