Better image, greater savings, higher productivity—anywhere on earth.

Better image, greater savings, higher productivity—anywhere on earth.

You have to go where opportunity takes you. Unfortunately, environments do not always cooperate. Mountains, farmland, dense jungles, deserts, arctic regions, urban areas—each comes with its own set of challenges, often requiring unconventional solutions.

Cable systems are cumbersome and prone to expensive downtime. Only ZLand does it all. It’s economical, lightweight, HSE-friendly, flexible, and it’s only from Fairfield Geotechnologies.

Superior data meets unfettered freedom.

ZLand seismic nodes provide trouble-free performance in any environment, even allowing you to add external sensors when needed. You can place receivers at any interval, in any configuration, on the surface or buried, safely and out of sight, working around obstacles such as rivers, roads and no-permit zones with ease.


  • Extreme flexibility – ability to add any type of external sensors or array of your choice
  • Cable-free 3C option
  • True cable-free options can be safely buried out of sight
  • Lower transportation and logistics expenses
  • Safer, faster deployment – one person can easily carry a pack of eight nodes
  • Continuous recording with no troubleshooting
  • 99+% reliability
  • Minimized environmental footprint
  • Easier permitting
  • Compatible with any source and source technique
  • Works in all land environments, in any configuration
Efficiency redefined.
Lightweight, trouble-free ZLand tackles any environment.
The ideal choice for surveys of all sizes and scopes. View technical specifications on Fairfield Geotechnologies' ZLand node. See ZLand specs
Watch ZLand in action. The flexible ZLand system is ideal for urban surveys, demonstrated in this News9 feature story. Video