Superior images for deep and ultra-deepwater fields.

Superior images for deep and ultra-deepwater fields.

In deeper water, challenges are more complex. Mistakes, more costly. Making the right decisions requires a superior seismic image—much more than what a towed streamer survey can provide. The Fairfield Geotechnologies Z3000 system provides that image. High-quality, high-fold 3D seismic gives you a solid 4D baseline survey, along with the power to monitor your reservoir and react to changes over time, and plan intervention activities. The safety, flexibility, and scalability of the Z3000 helps you achieve your seismic monitoring objectives at the lowest total cost of ownership of any competing system.

Nodal and 4D—the essentials for success.

Successful 4D analysis requires not just a quality baseline nodal seismic image, but the ability to repeat monitor surveys over time. Subtle changes in reservoir response can only be measured with the highest quality seismic images that repeatable, high signal/noise, full-azimuth nodes provide.


  • Lightweight, autonomous and HSE-friendly
  • Automated back-deck handling system requires smaller crews than OBC systems, reducing risks and downtime
  • Easily deployed and retrieved
  • Exceptional quality images, ideal for identifying subsalt structures, infill voids, and deepwater gas clouds
  • High repeatability for time-lapse 4D seismic
  • Rated for 3,000-meter depths
  • Records continuously, with no troubleshooting required
  • Better than 98% reliability
  • Integrates well with other Fairfield Geotechnologies OBN systems
  • No awkward cable or defective connectors
Z3000 in Operation
See how Fairfield Geotechnologies' Z3000 seismic data acquisition system can be easily and efficiently deployed and retrieved, in and around dense infrastructure, to acquire high-quality, high-fold 3D seismic for a solid 4D baseline survey.
Greater depths in greater detail

View technical specifications on Fairfield Geotechnologies' Z3000 marine node.

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