At Fairfield®, we are the industry-acknowledged nodal experts. Node processing, which presents many unique challenges, is a new specialty. We have developed unique and proprietary processing technology to meet these challenges and get the most out of the data you acquire. We build the foundation of a superior image at the earliest stages of node processing.

4D-compliant processing from the beginning.

Fairfield Geotechnologies" front-end processing is a series of 4D-compliant procedures, workflows and proprietary technologies consisting of:

  • Onboard processing – raw field data is downloaded directly from the node, carefully inventoried, and quality checked.
  • Orientation, tilt, and vector-fidelity analysis.
  • Direct-wave traveltime analysis – the heart of the front-end sequence where we correct for clock drift, shot and receiver position uncertainty, and dynamic water-layer acoustic characteristics.
  • Simultaneous source deblending – efficient node acquisition often utilizes two independent, simultaneous sources; these “blended” shots recorded by each node must be separated or deblended.
Superior processing starts here.

Lay a solid foundation for a superior 4D image. Ask about Fairfield Geotechnologies' preprocessing technology.

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