Of all the places to acquire seismic data, transition zones are the most difficult. This shallow-water environment is ecologically fragile, posing a tedious and risky challenge for seismic crews and vessels.

Other seismic data acquisition methods, like ocean-bottom cable (OBC) systems, are unwieldy, usually expensive, and prone to technical downtime. And in transition zones, conventional towed streamers are impractical.

The node you need for transition zones.

Thousands of feet below the earth’s surface, oil and gas reserves know no boundaries between land and sea. Neither do we. Fairfield Geotechnologies Z100® transition zone node provides full coverage and a seamless transition from land-based to deeper-water data acquisition.

Partners wanted.

While our primary focus is shallow- and deepwater seismic acquisition, we often encounter needs for transition zone capabilities. If you have the qualified vessel assets, crew, safety processes and procedures necessary for this environment—we have the nodal technology and products.



Superior data from the beach to 300-meter depths—an easily deployed solution for long-term reservoir management.
ZLand® goes there.

ZLand® goes there.

Unencumbered and trouble-free performance for land surveys—from dense-urban to remote-wilderness environments.
Buy or lease a Z100 transition zone node system.

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