See past the limitations of conventional & solutions

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Fairfield Geotechnologies, WGP helps operators around the world increase the value and total recovery of active reservoirs with an array of technical and operational solutions.

Insight is crucial for accurate reservoir characterization over the life of field—and quality seismic data is instrumental to the equation. With a variety of solutions, Fairfield Geotechnologies gives operators the insight necessary to boost production rates and increase recovery through optimal wellbore placement, EOR monitoring, and improved reservoir characterization.

Life-of-Field Seismic (4D)

Seeing what’s happening through time gives you the power to proactively manage your assets. That’s a significant advantage for enhanced oil recovery efforts, avoiding infill drilling risks, and making sure you don’t bypass reserves. Our 4D Seismic and Permanent Reservoir Monitoring includes full acquisition services to help operators maximize production through life of field.

Ocean-Bottom Seismic

Don’t let the limitations of conventional towed streamers stand in the way of successful reservoir management. WGP offers full-service seismic source solutions with ocean-bottom cable or autonomous ocean bottom nodes to dramatically enhance reservoir imaging.

Hi-Res 3D Seismic

Our service capabilities include high-resolution 3D utilizing existing P-cable system technology, and ultra-high resolution 3D, which expands the concept into new environments and applications. Both solutions can be swiftly and efficiently deployed from smaller vessels and feature onboard QC and navigation processing along with brute-stack data delivery.

Niche Seismic

As exploration moves into increasingly challenging and remote regions, WGP leads the market in niche system exploration—and has for 15 years. From offshore Ecuador to the North Pole, we specialize in transforming client ideas into solid, reliable systems to overcome the acquisition challenges that accompany frontier operations.

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