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No bigger changes in the oil and gas industry have occurred than in the deep and ultra-deepwater exploration and production segment. Here, exploiting these enormous reserves is critical for meeting the long-term global demand for oil. And here is where FairfieldNodal excels.

High-stakes field development demands high-quality data.

Due to the magnitude of expense associated with deep- and ultra-deepwater field development, stakes are higher than ever—and mistakes can be costly or even fatal. So that the operator knows where to drill, having the best seismic image makes solid economic sense.

Additionally, operators are looking for new ways to optimize productive capacity of existing reserves versus exploring for new ones, which come with significantly higher lifting costs. This shift in strategy also requires higher quality seismic data. This quality directly correlates to the reduction of risk and uncertainty in reservoir development.

Fairfield® data acquisition optimize deepwater economics.

The Fairfield Geotechnologies Z3000® system, which features the industry’s first deepwater node, is easily and repeatably deployed. Providing an exceptional quality image, it’s ideal for reservoir surveillance. Used in tandem with our ZLoF system, Fairfield services can optimize your economics from exploration, through appraisal, development, and enhanced recovery for the lowest total cost of ownership of any 4D reservoir monitoring strategy.

Libra acquisition project sets sail.

Fairfield Geotechnologies' project to acquire and process high-resolution 3D marine seismic for the Libra consortium has left port for deeper waters to begin work.

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