The right image is always the right answer.

In today’s challenging market environment, there is no margin for error. Subsea oil and gas operators are compelled to do everything possible to extend the productive life of their most important asset: the reservoir. This requires having the right image at the right time. ZNodal℠ ocean-bottom node (OBN) acquisition services and technology provide it.

Limits of conventional solutions.

Around the globe, nearly every producing subsea field development is characterized by crowded infrastructure. Towed, wide-azimuth (WAZ) streamer acquisition, which can be used in open water to evaluate untouched block acreage, is simply impractical in these congested areas. Moreover, this data doesn’t provide much value beyond early exploration—certainly not enough to provide a baseline in 4D analysis.

Other ocean bottom cable (OBC) systems come with unreliable terminations, connectors, power distribution, and data transmission, making them prone to technical downtime, driving up costs when you can least afford it.

Ocean-bottom node (OBN) acquisition addresses all of these issues to deliver the right image at the right time.

ZNodal℠ OBN: simplicity and an impeccable safety record.

Fairfield Geotechnologies ocean-bottom nodes are easily deployed and retrieved, even in areas that are remote, difficult to access, or ecologically sensitive. Our innovative back-deck handling system automates the process, further reducing risk and the need for additional personnel. And ease of deployment is just the first of many advantages.

Economics beyond exploration.

The benefits of nodal technology add up over the life of the field—from exploration through appraisal, brownfield development, and enhanced recovery. Fairfield Geotechnologies is the leader in nodal technology, delivering greater flexibility in acquisition survey design and superior data.

Providing full-azimuth, long-offset, high-fold and densely sampled data, OBN acquisition lets you unlock the power of new imaging and noise-reduction techniques. With Fairfield Geotechnologies' proprietary acquisition and processing technology working in tandem, operators get the most out of their data, including a higher level of certainty about where to drill and how to develop reserves.

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A superior image. A better baseline.

Our OBN solutions can help ensure that the reservoir is as productive as possible over time by providing the highest quality baseline 4D and monitor surveys. This means you can better characterize your reservoir, estimate reserves, develop recovery strategies, avoid risks, and identify production exploitation opportunities that other seismic companies cannot provide.

We also offer a nodal alternative to conventional PRM systems for safe, reliable, and cost-effective reservoir monitoring and management.

ZNodal℠ acquisition advantages

  • Superior images to reduce risk and improve economics over life of field
  • Easily deployed and retrieved in congested/ecologically sensitive areas
  • HSE-friendly with an impeccable safety record
  • Reliable, trouble-free operation, particularly when compared to OBS systems
  • Dense, high-quality data suited for new processing technologies
  • Highly repeatable—ideal for 4D seismic baseline and monitor surveys
  • Longer offsets—typical sustained source-to-receiver offsets of 12 km or more, depending on geometry
  • Full azimuth data—a nearly perfect offset and azimuth distribution, only possible where source and receivers are decoupled; a critical component for imaging complex structures
  • Continuous recording capable of producing records of any length
  • Survey design flexibility for minimal gaps in coverage area
  • Streamlined passive-rope node deployment and recovery in shallow water
  • Superior coupling and vector fidelity—nodes accurately record incoming wavefield without distortion due to direction of propagation
  • Onboard quality assurance, quality control and data formatting
Revitalizing Mature Basins and Fields Using Scalable Seismic Solutions

John Smythe, Vice President, Technical Marketing and Sales for Fairfield Geotechnologies, presented a webinar discussing advances in OBN technology and how they are impacting production and exploration decision making.

View the webinar here