A healthy respect for our people and our planet

Nothing comes before the health, safety and protection of Fairfield Geotechnologies employees and clients, and the communities where we operate. To that end, we provide safe, clean working conditions; we require all employees to follow strict safety practices and we promote the safe design, use and handling of all Fairfield Geotechnologies products.


We comply with all health, safety and environmental laws and regulations, and, as technology leaders, we apply our industry knowledge to set the standards in areas that are as yet undefined.

Health and safety

We will not compromise or endanger the lives of our employees, and we take appropriate measures to mitigate any such events.

Pollution prevention

We minimize the discharge of waste by taking steps to use and dispose of all products safely and efficiently.

Job competency

We maintain a strict pre-hiring process, which includes requiring a complete medical exam to ensure that all employees are physically capable of performing specific job duties safely.

Performance review

We review HSE performance through internal and third-party audits, monitoring the improvement of incidents reported against performance goals.

Contingency planning

We continually work to identify all potential hazards and develop methods, procedures and communication lines to respond to such hazards in the event of an emergency.

Recognizing achievements

We reward employees for achieving safety and performance goals because these achievements are vital to the continued success of our teams and our company.